Freud was Here: We Challenge Convention

Apr 6

and when that doesn’t work:

HIFW It’s the end of the night with a wasted friend, but EMS isn’t here yet


Oh… Hi! Hey there! Long time no see!

Hey everyone,

After an I-have-no-idea-how-long hiatus, I’m back to managing this wonderful blog. I hope I haven’t left followers of this Tumblr begging!

As time has been passing, lots of contemplative thoughts have been swarming through my brain. Mainly: “what am I doing?” Simply put, I still don’t know; but that’s okay too! What really matters if I am living and not simply existing in this wonderful microcosm that is Clark University. On that front, things are wildly more interesting… very interesting. (But that’s more a personal blog post, so I’ll just leave it at that.)

In terms of the direction of this blog, I have taken it in terms this year (Spring 2014, more specifically) to really examine the nuances of a school like Clark and all that it has to provide. Little things that make the student body tick; what this place is really about. From some angles, this school is a haven for liberal arts-oriented students eager to “challenge convention” through various means. (If you ask me though, I’m a little “here nor there” when it comes to our motto.) In other respects, Clark is a well integrated amalgam of multiple different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideas. And that, combined with the doldrums of campus/city living- don’t get on my case New Yorkers, Bostonians, Chicagoans et. al, Worcester is a “city” to me!- exemplifies that we are all running this race together. 

If one were to eliminate any outliers from a perspective/knowledge-finding-mission on Clark, it would end up being difficult to summarize a multi-faceted university such as this. While that may not stop people from trying, it speaks for the populations that makes up Clark’s not only ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, but the diversity of the lives which all of it’s students live.

While cliché, this is my parting thought for now:

Clark University isn’t simply a name or a place, it’s a way of life. We are Clarkies; we are individuals; we stand to make a difference in this world: one person at a time.

Pssssst hey Admin Cal forgot to tell new Clarkies about all the awesome ethnic grocery stores on Main street(great for when you want to actually cook things on the cheap--sriracha sauce for $1.99!!) and also just a block down from McDonalds is Webster Sq. Liquors which sometimes has what State Liquor doesn't.

Thanks for the tip, Laura!



Freud was Here: We Challenge Convention: A Clarkie’s Guide to the Woo


hello poopers, my name is Calvin, and I am admin1 (aka smellygramps).

it seems that a lot of new Clarkies (Class of 2017 - holy shit, I’m going to finish grad school before you finish your undergrad) have been following this blog.

as a 4 year veteran of the Woo (also a veteran of Seoul, Manila,…

walk around at night, walk around whenever you want, this is not a country in civil war, this is your neighborhood. the people here are loving human beings and you should not be afraid of them. keep your head up in the streets, don’t act like you are afraid, smile at strangers and manifest positivity. everything else he said about the food is true.

calvin you’re a fucking asshole and i hate you. grow some fucking balls and publish my fucking ask. thank the gods you are no longer in worcester because people like me would have eaten you in the night that you are so afraid of you pompous piece of shit.

Hello, ladies and gents! Just a friendly message from a Clarkie (who has a different opinion than my own regarding gallivanting around Worcester). By no means was my post meant to be taken as gospel, merely my own observations and opinions.

Oct 3

Today I found out my 19 year old brother now lives with (aside from his roommate) all girls.


My mom told me to make him brownies to send and I said his harem could do it. She didn’t like that very much. My father thought it was hilarious. 

Here is a picture of his house. 


114 Woodland! WOOP WOOP!

When I have one last paper and a ride home that are due at the same time…

When I have one last paper and a ride home that are due at the same time…

admin oldie mcgramps (calvin - will be visiting Clark from 9/12 - 9/16!

make sure you come by blackstone for a drink…or two…or fifteen.

whoever the fuck you are, come by and say hullo - this prodigal son is open to sharing his infinite wisdom about Clark with all you freudlets.

many good times will be had! the last time I went to visit Clark, a shirtless Shady rode me as a I combat-crawled across the AC. Plus, what could be MORE fun and LESS creepy than hanging out with the grad student who graduated 2 (TWO!!1!1!2!) years ago?!

coming back after having studied abroad for a year




Enough said.





Don’t worry, ‘tis but a flesh wound!

I present to you: pre-historic dino-Clarkies!


Hipster Dinosaurs [via]

Jul 9


Jul 3

So your first weekend back at college. Let’s let barney describe it

First Weekend Back at College:



to the clarkies that I met on the corner of 120th and Amsterdam right by Columbia